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See how LYNQE can help your business can grow revenue with smart ad spends on Facebook, Google and more.


What This Revenue Chart Means For Your Business


The chart here is a snapshot of one week of revenue on one of our projects.

What it means for you is coming up…


First, let’s go over what it means for the project:

  1. Revenue came in over target for the two weeks ending on the final day in the chart (+)
  2. Facebook Ad spend as a percentage of revenue came in under target (+)
  3. Cumulative Revenue & Ad Spend for the year are back on track after an upgrade transition.
  4. Tools used:  Facebook Video Ads, Facebook Conversion Ads, Video Retargeting, Web Visit Retargeting, Email Promotion, Email List Retargeting, Lookalike Audiences, Interest Group Audiences, Custom Audiences, Coupon Ending on Final Day in Chart.
  5. Tools underway in 2nd half 2017 set the stage to improve performance even more:  Google Advertising, Google retargeting, network banner ads, incentive/ambassador programs, viral lead generation software.

What this all means for you!


  • (YOU CAN DREAM BIG) You have a team with LYNQE that can help you, hands-on, week-by-week to reach your business and revenue goals.  The chart you’re seeing is a snapshot of execution on a year-long plan, with LYNQE coordinating across the board to watch the data and push for short term targets.


  • (WE HELP YOU EXECUTE SMALL) We can help you plan big with long term goals and targets that are supported with solid details.  We dive into the monthly, daily, and minute-by-minute tasks that are required to make long term targets reality.


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    Interesting lynqe facts

    • We manage the #1 FB Fan Base for Amateur Cycling Single Events in the world.
    • Fan bases for the top 2 events are 10-20 times the average.
    • We've increased revenue at 3x-5x ad spend for 8 years.
    • The US Facebook ad audience in 2015: 180 million. In 2017: 213 million.
    • We search for, and build on, PASSION.


    • "Laser focus", "Drive to outperform all expectations", "Highly recommend for all your marketing needs"

      HotClickVideo Worldwide Laguna Beach, CA

      Christopher Scott
    • "Wow, we are getting great responses and registration growth with our new websites. The lynqe team helped us take our marketing to a new level."

      Event Media, Inc., Del Mar, CA (Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast, San Diego Century)

      Jim Curl

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