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lynqe is a marketing agency that creates, implements and manages marketing campaigns that combine digital, social media and traditional elements to build brands and increase business revenues. We specialize in reaching active lifestyle consumers.



With technology changing at ever-increasing speed, it’s hard to keep a level of knowledge on every topic unless you’re constantly working in that world.  At lynqe we are constantly working with different technology elements and we can share our knowledge with you.  Whether you are interested in an online campaign that integrates with all your marketing channels or you are looking for better content and engagement with your target customers on Facebook we can help.  Our proven processes start with understanding your business and your industry.  With a solid understanding of your competitive landscape we can help you with selecting the right strategy and creating an effective plan to achieve your objectives.  Our goal is to help you achieve and surpass your business goals.



At lynqe planning is an important tool for reaching business goals. Whether it’s business planning, campaign planning, content planning or social media planning we understand the discipline of communicating a clear plan for all team members to effectively work together for your business goals.


Creating strategy for your business can be a complex process, whether the object is overall business strategy, marketing strategy or your strategy for the growing opportunities with online marketing and social media marketing.  At lynqe we understand how to balance your business objectives with the capabilities of your company and the realities of your industry to create winning formulas.  Our teams and our engagements start with a clear understanding of your strategy.  And when you need help identifying the right strategy for your business opportunities we can jump right in to chart a clear path.


social media

From social media strategy to content planning, content management and driving your target business metrics the lynqe team can effectively build your social media marketing to deliver the right results.

In our work with social networks and social media, the digital media plan is an especially important tool. The Digital Media Plan is a living document that you can use to align your team and achieve amazing results with your next campaign.

To be effective in social media, “you must spend time planning your social media process with two things in mind,” Hendrickson cautions. You need “a specific desired outcome, and regular timeframes to review data and evolve. Without a clear objective, social media can take a huge amount of time without providing the desired benefits.”

-Greg Hendrickson, Founder, lynqe, quoted in Social Media Marketing All-in-One for Dummies by Jan Zimmerman

social networks

Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Google+? Pinterest? Your own social network?  The lynqe team can help to select the right social networks and the right methods to connect with your target audience.


email marketing

The email inbox is still one of the most effective avenues to reach your target audience. Thelynqe team provides experience and expertise in the areas of content strategy, content management, best practices, creative services and technology. We can help you integrate new social media tools and successful content to create successful email marketing campaigns.


online marketing

lynqe provides services for content marketing, online advertising, email marketing and social media marketing. Starting with a clear understanding of your overall marketing objectives the lynqe team can effectively coordinate and execute in all online marketing channels.



lynqe provides design services that range from website design to online media to print and large scale media. With design and usability experts that will understand your business we create marketing media that will bring you results.



lynqe provides development services that include websites, landing pages, blogs, CMS installations, video content, location applications and mobile applications.



lynqe provides development services that include video content strategy, online video distribution and integration with social media. Lynqe partners with video experts to provide innovative technology for enabling new social interactions with video content.



lynqe provides mobile services that include mobile strategy support, mobile application development, mobile advertising, mobile website development and text messaging campaigns.With a deep understanding of the mobile industry we help you to invest effectively in mobile marketing opportunities.



lynqe provides location based services that include location service strategy support, campaign development for location based social media, and custom application development for location services.


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Interesting lynqe facts

  • We manage the #1 FB Fan Base for Amateur Cycling Single Events in the world.
  • Fan bases for the top 2 events are 10-20 times the average.
  • We've increased revenue at 3x-5x ad spend 5 years in a row.
  • The US Facebook ad audience in 2015: 180 million
  • We search for, and build on, PASSION.


  • "Laser focus", "Drive to outperform all expectations", "Highly recommend for all your marketing needs"

    HotClickVideo Worldwide Laguna Beach, CA

    Christopher Scott
  • "Wow, we are getting great responses and registration growth with our new websites. The lynqe team helped us take our marketing to a new level."

    Event Media, Inc., Del Mar, CA (Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast, San Diego Century)

    Jim Curl

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