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Whether your goal is to promote your brand, promote your event or dig into getting more profitable customers lynqe will help you to not only connect with the online social networks that matter to you, but also to make the in-person connections that provide sustainable results.  It’s a daunting task to stay on top of the quickly evolving online marketing space and know how to best spend your limited time and cash resources.  lynqe brings you resources to stay on top of it all. Because our first step is to understand your business and your brand we understand how to connect you quickly and cost effectively with the right networks and the right people to achieve your business results.


Our Proven Process: Understand Your Business. Clarify Goals & Strategy. Plan. Develop. Test. Launch. Collect Feedback. Review Metrics. Repeat & Improve.


lynqe team members and partners provide business strategy, brand strategy, marketing, web design, web development, print & large media production, SEO, E-commerce, web advertising, email marketing, social network marketing and web support services to a wide range of companies.


Greg Hendrickson and Olympic silver medalist Nelson Vails at the 2013 edition of the San Diego Century presented by Tri-City Medical Center

Greg Hendrickson with Olympic silver medalist Nelson Vails at the 2013 edition of the San Diego Century presented by Tri-City Medical Center.  Green screen photography by


Greg Hendrickson (LYNQE LLC Founder & Principal)

LYNQE agency services* have delivered 150 million digital ad impressions, 2 million emails, 5,000 content posts, built over 100,000 fan/subscriber connections and generated $2 million in client & sponsor revenue.  The Facebook fan counts for client events Bike the Coast – Taste the Coast and the San Diego Century are #1 and #2 in the world for amateur cycling events.

Greg, with LYNQE associates & partners offer an experienced view from 2 perspectives: building new brands and business within large corporations, and building new entities independently from the ground up.

Client advice and consulting is backed by 10 years of award winning marketing and product development experience, including innovative products like the first BlackBerry device with both voice and data, the first HP iPaq device with voice, data and WIFI and the first WIFI/cellular product launch in the U.S.  Along with developing his own web properties and consulting on numerous others, Greg has provided business development, product management and marketing services for companies that include T-Mobile, Cincinnati Bell, Rogers Wireless and UIEvolution.

His work in social media is quoted in Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies.

Greg holds an MM degree from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University along with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from Michigan State University.

With 4 Ironman competitions under his belt Greg is on a quest to qualify for the Ironman World Championships and promote healthy living along the way.



LYNQE team members & Associates include experienced professionals in design, development, branding, social media, SEO, video, customer care and campaign/event operations.  Contact us to get to know your team.

*LYNQE service time frame includes agency services under previous brand names starting in 2008.

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Interesting lynqe facts

  • We manage the #1 FB Fan Base for Amateur Cycling Single Events in the world.
  • Fan bases for the top 2 events are 10-20 times the average.
  • We've increased revenue at 3x-5x ad spend 5 years in a row.
  • The US Facebook ad audience in 2015: 180 million
  • We search for, and build on, PASSION.


  • "Laser focus", "Drive to outperform all expectations", "Highly recommend for all your marketing needs"

    HotClickVideo Worldwide Laguna Beach, CA

    Christopher Scott
  • "Wow, we are getting great responses and registration growth with our new websites. The lynqe team helped us take our marketing to a new level."

    Event Media, Inc., Del Mar, CA (Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast, San Diego Century)

    Jim Curl

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