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34 Item Facebook Advertising Checklist – The Groundwork for Success

Ready to run more (or your first) Facebook ads?

Here’s the 34 item checklist we run through with our clients and partners to build the groundwork for successful campaigns where we can track results, and hone in on great performance!

Whether you are able to run through the entire checklist on your own, or you’d like some help, get in touch.  We’d love to help and share our insights.  With the LYNQE team behind you, you’ll have decades of experience and thousands and thousands of ad campaigns worth of experience to draw on.


34 Item Facebook Advertising Checklist

  1. Facebook Personal Profile for Advertising
  2. Facebook Ad Manager Setup
  3. Facebook Page Setup
  4. Facebook Business Manager Setup
  5. Facebook Private Group Setup (If applicable)
  6. Facebook shopping/payment setup (if applicable)
  7. FB Biz Manager – LYNQE Oversight (Page + Ads)
  8. Import CLV Customer List to Facebook/Google
  9. Import Lead List to Facebook/Google
  10. Facebook lead generation form setup
  11. Connect form to Email System
  12. Team Logins/Management for Email system
  13. Team Logins/Management for Sales/Shopping system
  14. Thank You Page(s) for sales confirmations
  15. Google Analytics Setup
  16. Google Adwords Setup
  17. Google Analytics/Adwords connection for LYNQE and/or team members
  18. Google Tag Manager Setup
  19. Tracking/Pixel Installation on Website, Email, Landing Pages and Sales Pages
  20. Landing Page Service Setup and Admin Access
  21. Customer Personas Defined
  22. Unique Selling Value Defined
  23. Offers Defined
  24. Lead / Sales Funnels Designed
  25. Email Sign-up Offer & Landing Page(s) Content
  26. Automated Email & Sales Offer(s) Content
  27. Advertising Campaign Calendar
  28. Content Calendar
  29. Tracking/Pixel Installation on Website, Email, Landing Pages and Sales Pages
  30. Conversion Tracking on Sales Pages
  31. Create Content A/B Testing & Run FB Ad Campaigns
  32. Create Content A/B Testing & Run Google Adwords or other Digital Campaigns
  33. Create Content and Run Email /Conversion Campaigns
  34. Create Content/scripts for Callback/text Follow-up Campaigns


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